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Michigan State Police – 100th Anniversary – Remembering my 29 years with MSP

April 20, 2017


Today, April 19, 2017, I find myself reflecting upon my 29 years and 1 month of civilian service to the Michigan State Police as the department celebrates its 100th anniversary as a world-class law enforcement agency.

My career with MSP began August 1, 1984, when I was recalled to a Stenographer IV position that I had been bumped from while working for the Department of Education. I vividly recall interviewing with then Inspector Michael Robinson, who eventually went on to become the Director of MSP and then Inspector Richard Meloche, who has long since passed away, for a position with the Criminal Investigation Section in Livonia. I even remember the outfit I wore to that interview, a light blue skirt and short sleeved blue/purple floral patterned blouse. Funny, the things we remember!

At that time, CIS was housed in a former elementary school on Harrison in Livonia (which has long since been demolished and turned into a subdivision). I worked briefly for the Detroit Narcotics Team while their secretary was filling in as the Captain’s secretary who was on maternity leave. By October of 1984, we relocated into another former elementary school building, still in Livonia.  I was assigned to the Technical Services Unit (TSU) where my primary responsibility was to answer the main phone (there was only one phone line into the building and calls had to be transferred). I also provided clerical assistance to TSU Commander Frank and Sgts. Dick, Gary and Jim.

CIS Livonia also had a full-time dispatcher (Don) on sight during the day who was responsible for assisting investigators out in the field, coordinating communications and running LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) inquiries. Midnight and weekend shifts were staffed by investigative personnel. As technology changed and the use of pagers and cell phones became more prevalent, the need for such dispatching was reduced and eventually became non-existent.

One of my more memorable tasks working in TSU was to help write a paper for the Unit Commander on how having computers and networking computers could help. That was in 1985, long before it became a reality. I got my first computer with a floppy disk drive in 1986 when I was eventually reassigned to the Surveillance/Analysis Unit where I typed surveillance notes, maintained various files and did research for the detectives. I worked at the unit level until 1991 when I was promoted to an administrative assistant position. I provided secretarial assistance to the Section Commander, who supervised the Unit Commanders.



1994 10 Ten-year pin

1994 – 10 Year Pin

In the mid-to-late 1990’s, as various financial management responsibilities were decentralized from Headquarters in Lansing into the field, I began to assume those tasks, due in large part to my aptitude for business related math, bookkeeping, etc. I eventually submitted for reclassification, creating a new Accounting Tech position at SECID, the first and only such position outside of Headquarters in Lansing. That was in 2000 and I maintained my role as the Financial Assistant for the Division until it was disbanded in 2010. My responsibilities had expanded greatly by then and I was reassigned to the District Commander where I continued to provide financial assistance as well as administrative secretarial assistance until I retired in 2013.

2001 Cols.

January 2001 – Recognition Ceremony – Promotion to Accounting Tech 10

2001 promotion

2000 Promotion

Back in the day, SECID was THE premier investigative law enforcement agency in the State of Michigan, and one of the top investigative agencies in the U.S. Almost all major plain clothes investigations in Southeast Michigan, including narcotics, organized crime, auto theft, surveillance, dignitary protection details, etc. were handled by SECID. As crime trends changed, so did the structure of SECID, which eventually included units charged with investigating computer crimes, welfare fraud and internet crimes against children. SECID was also the leading agency for video and audio enhancement. SECID was cutting edge and innovative. MANY programs within the Department today started at SECID in Livonia!

  • First narcotics teams
  • First auto theft teams
  • First fugitive team
  • First video/audio enhancement experts
  • First surveillance van
  • First wellness room for employees
  • First computer crimes teams
  • First grant recipients (Byrne, HEMP, ATPA, ICAC)
  • Many partner agencies including Michigan Gaming Control Board, AGO, the Feds and many Locals

SECID was also the home to three (3) Civilian of the Year recipients (Joy, myself and Carol):

Most importantly,  SECID had THE BEST administrative support staff a Division could ever have (Laurie, Alice, Dawn, Arline, Sally, Becky, Carol, LaTanya, Joy and so many more at the MJTF’s).


But alas, all good things do come to an end. SECID, which underwent numerous reorganizations and name changes in the more than 25 years that I worked there (CIS, SECIS, SECID, SECIS, SID, ERSID, ERCID, CID) was eventually disbanded as a division (2010-2011). The various units were split geographically and assigned to various district headquarters, many of which became part of 2nd District Headquarters which covers most of Southeast Michigan. Major plain clothes investigations are still being handled, but it is not like it was back in the day!

Being the sentimentalist that I am, I first started taking “work” pictures to preserve memories of retirement parties around 1989, and I eventually collected more than 25 years’ worth of photographs from meetings, conferences, open houses and other gatherings as well as newspaper clippings, and other memorabilia. Below are photos of some of my favorite memories:

Open House – 1997

Car in the gym:

Fun Runs at Maybury State Park:

 Christmas Potlucks:

NASDEA Conference on Mackinac Island in 2008:

Take Your Child to Work Days:


My Retirement in 2013:

Some other memories (without photographic evidence) that some will remember:

  • Girls to married ladies to moms to grandmas
  • Furlough days / Holidays / Snow Days
  • LEIN Training
  • Bottle Deposit Fraud Investigation
  • Podium built by T. Gomez
  • Mr. “C” – front lobby problem / security upgrades
  • Slip and fall – carpet installed
  • Change in Director – reorganization
  • Change in Bureau Commander – reorganization
  • Change in Division commander – reorganization
  • Typing pre-printed forms
  • Filling in electronic forms/printing out to submit
  • Filling out on-line and hit submit
  • Catching mistakes and finding money
  • 75th anniversary yearbook
  • Parking lot lights controversy
  • Two storage buildings turned into a two car garage
  • Gas tank / Fuel deliveries
  • Boiler heat, window air conditioners
  • New windows and doors
  • Million dollar central heating and cooling
  • Secretary Seminars: speakers, first aid, self defense
  • Christmas Parties / Summer picnics
  • Golf outings – never participated, with I had
  • Christmas luncheons with bosses at Sinbads
  • VFW Livonia Post Awards for PD, FD, MSP Tpr
  • Secretary / Admin Asst days
  • Weight loss contests
  • Pilot worksite for so many programs: MAIN, STATIS
  • Procurement card program
  • Trooper layoffs / Military Deployments
  • Good bye lunches
  • Transfer/Retirement coffees
  • Retirement parties (casual/elaborate) – Arnett on keyboard
  • Fiscal Manager meetings / luncheons
  • WCACP/SEMACP Meetings
  • Regional Policing Plan
  • Strategic Plan meetings
  • Fall Harvest Collection / Ennis Center (Christmas)
  • Zero Based Budget (ZBB)
  • Biennniel internal controls
  • World Cup Soccer / Super Bowl / World Series / Auto Shows
  • ICAC training in D.C. (twice)
  • HIDTA training in Miami
  • Annual fleet management / Radio upgrades
  • Lifelong friends I’ve made

Final thoughts:  

The only for sure thing that is a constant is change.

The Key to Success is Accountability.



  1. Laurie Anderson permalink

    Wonderful sentiments and pictures of your rich and storied career with the MSP. Enjoyed everything you described as I was also a part of those “good old days” and working with the absolute best of the best over our many years with MSP.

    • Thanks, Laurie. Always fun to reminisce and remember the good times (and forget the not so good). I wanted to write more and include more pics but had to be careful about respecting everyone’s privacy!!

  2. Richard Humbarger permalink

    Assigned to the fugitive team till re-assigned to Welfare Fraud. “Hummer”

  3. Richard Humbarger permalink

    Did not enjoy Welfare Fraud.

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