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“In-Studio Flowers” and “Self-Portraiture” – Week One of my “Intermediate Shooting Techniques” class

April 24, 2014

The class description for Midwest Photography Workshops’ “Intermediate Shooting Techniques” includes the following statement:

“This class is one of the more demanding classes that MPW offers.  The homework assignments are tougher and the critiques are more rigid, but the rewards are worth it!”

After attending the first two of six classes, as well as our recent field trip to Greenfield Village, I can attest that this description is absolutely correct!

I am happy to report that Bryce Denison, the Director of MPW and the instructor for my recent “DSLR Fundamentals of Photography” class at Schoolcraft College, is also the instructor for “Intermediate Shooting Techniques” at MPW.  He not only  has an impressive educational background and extensive hands-on experience to teach “anything and everything photography”, but I absolutely love his style of teaching.

I have been so looking forward to this particular class ever since I began my re-educational journey and one of the comments made by Mr. Denison in our first class only served to fuel the fire of my desire for this class.  He basically said that upon successful completion of “Intermediate Shooting Techniques”, we will have gained the necessary knowledge and learned the best skills possible to move our photography to the next level and create images worthy of printing, framing and sharing with the world!  We will not only learn to master the technical aspects of photography but we will learn how to “see photographically”, to shoot with insight, perception and creativity!  And so it begins……………………

It was in our very first class that I shot my first “in-studio” photographs of a variety of cut flowers and it was in our very first class that I was challenged to “look within myself, to dig deep into my psyche” and create six self-portraits.

That’s right — SELF-PORTRAITS, not SELFIES!

Below are four of my “In-Studio Flowers” and  six images for my “Self-Portraiture” homework assignment.  Enjoy.  And don’t forget to stay tuned for results of our “Intermediate Shooting Techniques” field trip to Greenfield Village.

Yellow Gergera Daisy

Yellow Gerbera Daisy

Pin Cushion Protea

Pin Cushion Protea

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily


A Grand Hotel Golfer

A Grand Hotel Golfer

Lab Loving Photographer

Lab Loving Photographer

Through the Looking Frame

Through the Looking Frame

"Selfie" Self-Portrait

“Selfie” Self-Portrait

Tired Photographer

Tired Photographer

















One Comment
  1. Nancy permalink

    Wow!! I loved both the flowers and the pictures of the way you see yourself. Simply wonderful response to what I viewed as a very difficult project. Nice job. /ner

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