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1940 – Port of Cheboygan (Michigan)

December 8, 2013

“CHEBOYGAN” – the origin of the name may have come from the Ojibwe word zhaabonigan meaning “sewing needle” or  “Chabwegan,” meaning “a place of ore”.  Regardless of the origin of the name, my paternal grandfather was born and raised in Cheboygan, so my family has deep affection for this port community located along Lake Huron in Northern Michigan at the mouth of the Cheboygan River.  As you may know, I recently came some of my grandparent’s old photos.  The below photos, most likely taken by my grandfather, offers a glimpse into 1940’s Cheboygan.

1.   Downtown Cheboygan

Cheboygan 1

2. Downtown Main Street

3. Foot bridge over Cheboygan River

4. Cheboygan River

5.  Building the new Cheboygan River Bridge

The below link provide a a little history about this port town.

  1. Great old pictures. We sailed up from Caseville on our way to Mackinaw and took a slip in the Cheboygan marina. Stayed several days and loved the place.

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