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Shoebox Memories – Mackinac Island

December 4, 2013

Old Fort Mackinac ae 1946

While going through old photographs in preparation for my mother’s upcoming 80th birthday, I came across priceless photos of  Mackinac Island and the Straits of Mackinac.   The above photo of “Old Fort Mackinac” was taken circa 1946/47 most likely by my maternal grandfather.  He was born and raised in Cheboygan, Michigan, moved to Detroit, married a Polish girl, had several children including my mother, and returned to the Cheboygan / Straits of Mackinac area every summer to visit his family.  The tradition was passed on to my mother, who together with my father, vacationed with my siblings in the Cheboygan / Straits of Mackinac area every summer to visit family.  As adults, my siblings and I continue the tradition, vacationing in the Cheboygan / Straits of Mackinac area, while not every summer, as often as we can.   I absolutely love this old photo.

The below photo taken from Fort Mackinac overlooking the park and harbor, was taken in 1970 by yours truly.  It was the first time my parents took us kids to Mackinac Island and it was the first summer vacation where I had my own camera, my beloved Kodak 126 Instamatic.  I love the simplicity of the view.

View from Fort Mackinac 1970

The following series of 8 photographs were shot during our 1979 summer vacation.  My mom, my sister and I went to Mackinac Island while dad and the boys when fishing in Cheboygan.   The Mackinac Island Airport was offering sightseeing flights and my sister and I talked my mom into taking the tour.  Unfortunately, I only had my newer Kodak 110 Instamatic to take the photos.  A few weeks after this vacation, I received my first 35mm SLR.  I sure wish I’d had that camera on this aerial tour.  Oh well, at least I have these memories.

Aerial Views of Mackinac Island and Straits of Mackinac – 1979

Mackinac Island Airport

Aerial Mackinac Island 1979

Aerial Round Island Lighthouse 1979

Aerial Mackinac Bridge and Wawatam 1979

Aerial Mission Point - Mackinac Island 1979

Aerial Mackinac Island 1979

Aerial Old Fort Mackinac 1979

Aerial Grand Hotel 1979


  1. Nancy permalink

    Like you, I absolutely love Mackinac Island. 2013 was my 3rd annual trip to the island for a geocache event. I love looking at your old pictures and remembering what it looks like now. Thank you very much for sharing.

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