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A Regal Queen

November 18, 2013

Queen Mary

While recently traveling to Southern California, I had the opportunity to stay several nights at The Queen Mary ( or rather I should say “on” The Queen Mary”,  which is a unique hotel unlike any other.  This floating “regal  queen” is moored in The Port of Long Beach along the Rainbow Harbor.  I shot this night view while walking along “The Pike at Rainbow Harbor” in Long Beach, which is basically a boardwalk along the harbor, home to nuumerous restaurants, shops and piers.  I used my Canon EOS 60D with my fairly new Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II USM lens shot at 70mm, 1/3 @ f4.0, ISO 400.  Although I didn’t have my tripod handy, I set the camera on a post and used a 10-second timed shutter release.  I found the result quite pleasing.

Below is a review of The Queen Mary that I posted on Trip Advisor ( under my user name “GoingSomewhereAgain”.  Enjoy!

“This is the 5th year in a row that I have enjoyed several days of lodging in early November at The Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California and I have only just realized that I have never posted a review so I’m taking care of that right now. I absolutely love staying “on” The Queen Mary. This is a very unique experience that I highly recommend, especially if you love history and atmosphere. However, it is probably not for everyone. While the beds are very comfortable, the average cabin (room) is a little smaller than the usual hotel room. The walls are very, very thin, basically just plywood between rooms. You really can hear pretty much everything in the adjacent rooms. The bathroom fixtures appear to be original, while fun, not necessarily the most convenient. There is adequate space for storage, flat screen TV’s and portholes for windows. The hallways are quite long and a bit narrow. There is no swimming pool for guest use, however, there is a wonderful spa offering a variety of services including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. which I have personally enjoyed. There are numerous, unique shops and several restaurants to meet the varying needs of guests. There are a number of tours offered which are very interesting, however, taking a self-guided, leisurely tour is the most fun. The staff is efficient and helpful, housekeeping is considerate and thorough, and wait staff is friendly. I prefer self-parking over valet, and although there is self-parking near the entrance, I always returned to the hotel late and had to park a bit of a distance away from the entrance. I’ve never had any problems walking from the parking lot to the entrance.  The hotel is across the harbor from the City of Long Beach so the view is quite lovely especially at night. It is situated near a cruise ship terminal, so you sometimes see actual large cruise ships which is fun.  As I said this is unique lodging, more of a tourist destination rather than a place for quiet relaxation…..but I definitely recommend it.”
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