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End of Six Month Hiatus

November 3, 2013


hi·a·tus,  noun, a period of time when something such as an activity or program, is stopped”

It is hard to believe it has been SIX months since my last BLOG post.  It has been a very busy, self-imposed “Six Month Hiatus”.  Here are a few of the highlights:


 0-Rehearsal-Church (164) 0-Rehearsal-Dinner (118)

Was the SECOND photographer at a WEDDING

 2-Reception (331)

Photographed a BABY SHOWER


Made the decision to RETIRE from my “DAY” job after almost 37 years working as a civil servant with the State of Michigan

1979-07 1985-Linda ID pic 2006 COY

Photographed a 5 YEAR OLD


Took my first on-line class, “QuickBooks for Beginners” thru Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan

Photographed a NEWBORN

Gabe-2 Gabe-9 Gabe-3


Ryan (Jun13) (53) Ryan (Jun13) (61) 

Transitioned a multitude of “DAY” job responsibilities to not one, not two, but to SIX different people

IMG_3343 MSP-6




_MG_0405 Sorensen Display

Photographed my place of employment and various co-workers to help PRESERVE my MEMORIES

IMG_7854  IMG_7369

Took a much needed COTTAGE VACATION in Mackinaw City, Michigan


Celebrated the life of my father-in-law who passed away unexpectedly August 1, 2013

11 (1)  01 (26)  Charles (111)

Celebrated my RETIREMENT with family, friends and co-workers at a casual pizza luncheon


Golfed for 16 weeks on my Thursday night LADIES GOLF LEAGUE at Glenhurst Golf Course in Redford, Michigan


Photographed a FAMILY OF ELEVEN at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan

1-ALL-1 1-ALL-23 1-ALL-31

Purchased a new camera lens from ProCam in Livonia Michigan – Visit

Took my much anticipated “RETIREMENT ROAD TRIP” to Myrtle Beach with my husband

Simply Beachy Light of Winyah Bay Castle in the Sand Beach Skeleton

Enjoyed a NORTHERN MICHIGAN GOLF vacation at Tree Tops Golf & Ski Resort

Treetops-64 Treetops-49 Treetops-21

Celebrated the FIRST birthday of our FIRST grandchild

Party (109)  Party (112) Party (114)

Took my parents on a Northern Michigan Autumn Color Tour

Mackinaw (165) Mackinaw (173) Intersection on Fire Mackinaw-93

I expect to have more time to focus on my retirement career now that I am actually retired.  Looking forward to sharing the day-to-day trials and tribulations as I move forward into the WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY!

STAY TUNED………………………….

  1. Nancy permalink

    Wow! Enjoyed this update. I have been checking the site periodically and although I enjoyed looking at the beautiful tree in front of your house, I am grateful to see this new update that I can look at again and again. Lots of stuff to see. Thanks for sharing it all with us. /ner

    • LOL, Nancy. It was crazy busy preparing for retirement and I just couldn’t blog. Now that things are settling down and I am getting into my MPL Photography mode, I’m going to be blogging more regularly. Glad you enjoyed the 6 month overview.

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