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Happy 96th Birthday MSP!

April 19, 2013


It is April 19, 2013 and I want to wish my “day job”employer of almost 29 years a Happy 96th Birthday.

This awesome collage photo as it was posted to the MSP Facebook page.  I believe it was designed by some of our dedicated Department members and is a great representation of the past 96 years. Only four more years until MSP turns 100 and a little more than one year until I reach my 30th anniversary as. A civilian member of this Department.  


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One Comment
  1. Nancy permalink

    It is a very nice collage. I enjoyed the picture of the dog on the back of the motorcycle with the officer. However, cring at the thought. 30 years next years w/ MSP. Wow! I remember your first year. I’m celebrating 40 years w/ SOM this year. They keep paying me. I keep coming back. I enjoy your pictures. Thanks for taking and sharing them. /ner

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