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A Simple Question – A Difficult Answer

April 9, 2013

A Simple Question:  Why do I like photography?

The Host of one of my “Meet Up” photography groups ( received a complimentary pass to an upcoming coveted  workshop and offered it as a “free giveaway” to group members. To enter the giveaway, he challenged members to make a comment about why they like photography.  As much as I wanted to enter and win, I won’t be available to attend the workshop, so I refrained from commenting.

However, the challenge made me pause for a moment, reflect, and ask myself “Why do I like photography”?  Such a simple question, but one I thought would be difficult to answer.  My first reaction was that I don’t just like photography, I love photography.  But again, I have to ask, why?  Why do I love photography?  What is it about this seemingly simple “art of drawing with light” that consumes me?  Surprisingly, it didn’t take me very long to figure out why.

A Simple (not Difficult) Answer:  The ability to keep the window open to the past by CAPTURING a moment in time, PRESERVING a fleeting memory, and SHARING meaningful, emotional stories without the need for words.

That is why!

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