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Ouch – Accidents Happen

January 9, 2013


My 2013 Ford Taurus didn’t do so well against a road sign this morning. But you should see the road sign, or what is left of it, that is. It was a one car, non-injury accident. I’m OK, just a little sore here and there. I know I’m lucky, though, as it could have been much worse. Unbeknownst to me, there was freezing rain causing some black ice road conditions near where I live this morning. As I was driving to work on a two lane secondary road, about a mile from home, I approached a red light at an intersection and braked to stop. Well, the car didn’t stop but instead went sliding toward the busy intersection. My self preservation instinct kicked in, so I swerved toward the right in an attempt to avoid a serious accident. I slid into the “right turn only” lane, went up over the curb and plowed into the “Right Turn Only” road sign before coming to a stop. Called my retired police officer husband, called the police, called the tow truck, called the collision shop, called the insurance company, called the car rental office and then had my husband take me to work, two hours later. What a morning! This photo was taken with my two-year old Motorola Global Android cell phone. Obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly and didn’t remember to take pictures until the car was being loaded onto the flatbed. But I did manage to capture this memory, but I’m not sure that I want to preserve it

  1. Candi permalink

    So sorry but very thankful because you we’re very fortunate. Not surprising that you got all the calls and tasks done while waiting for your retired husband and then to work only 2 hours late for business as usual. Personalities don’t Chang too much, do they? Glad to hear all ended well. You always have a place in my heart.

  2. Laurie Anderson permalink

    Sorry you had such a scary experience. Glad that you weren’t seriously hurt though – cars can always be fixed :-} Take care.

  3. Nancy permalink

    Wow! So glad you are okay and that the car followed your lead to the right hand curb. Hope those aches and pains have long since subsided. Continue to take care of yourself. You are important to many, many people.

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