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“Sunrise, Sunset” – From Babies to the Elderly

December 22, 2012

As a new grandmother, I have a plethora of opportunities to photograph my now 12 week old grandson.  But I recently turned the camera over to my daughter-in-law so I could have my photograph taken with the little guy.  She not only took the requisite few of the two of us, she then zoomed in on her little miracle and captured this holiday moment.  He absolutely adorable!!!!

Holiday Baby

A visit to a local independent/assisted living center during their Christmas celebration gave me the opportunity to photograph a few residents.  The below photoo is one of my favorites from that day.  This is Freida, an assisted living resident.  She had just finished her dinner in the common dining room and despite being all alone, she had her hands firmly on her walker and was quite literally shuffling her way back to her room, inch by inch.  A staff member asked her if she’d like to have a Christmas picture taken and then gently guided Freida to the chair.  It was a bit of a struggle to get any sort of a smile out of her; but I persevered and I eventually captured her gentle smile and twinkling eyes.


While looking back at these two photos, I’m reminded of an old song title, Sunrise, Sunset”!  In one photo, there is the baby boy who is joyously breaking the dawn of a new life while the other photo is the elderly woman who is graciously easing into the fading twilight of a life well lived.

And then, of course, you have the below photo – a middle aged woman (moi), who is happily enjoying her “daytime”, simply living life to its fullest!

Grandma & Grandson

  1. Georgia Rasmussen permalink

    Love them!

  2. Laurie Anderson permalink

    Absolutely beautiful Linda!! Not only your ADORABLE little Grant, but Frieda and grandma with Grant. Yep, you are well on your way to a wonderful “second career” once you leave MSP!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Nancy permalink

    I enjoyed these pictures as well. Grant’s first Christmas. Next year the Christmas gift wrap paper will be flying. I’m sorry I’m not on facebook. I’m sure I am missing many wonderful pictures but I always enjoy what I see here.

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