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A “Brooch Bouquet”

October 20, 2012

From warding off evil spirits to symbolizing new life, hope and fertility………these are some of the reasons why centuries of brides have carried some type of bouquet while walking down the aisle on their wedding day.  I’m pretty sure those are not the reasons why modern brides spend hours deciding what type of bouquet to carry or spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on this important wedding accessory.

Brides typically carry floral bouquets, and more often than not, the flowers have a special meaning to the bride.  However, the bride I photographed last spring took a detour from tradition when she created her own “brooch bouquet”.  As you can see, it was stunning!

Guests at her wedding shower were invited contribute brooches and pins, and the end result was an eclectic collection of old and new, large and small,  tokens of love and affection from friends and family.

The bride created a masterpiece and this is one wedding accessory that will last a lifetime.

What a contrast it was when placed next to the bridesmaids’ floral bouquet.

It was simply beautiful, but man, was it HEAVY!

  1. Georgia Rasmussen permalink

    This is a beautiful story, and your pictures are great.

    The Thai Turtle

  2. Nancy permalink

    Wow! This bride knew how to think outside the box. What a beauiful bouquet it made. I’ve never seen anything like it. Good for her on being so original. You captured it beautifully as a digital image. Kudos. /ner

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