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My One in a Million – Shot of a Lifetime

August 1, 2012

I have probably taken at least a million photos in my lifetime, and last night I captured that “One in a Million” that literally gave me goosebumps as soon as I saw it in the viewfinder.

I’m currently vacationing in Northern Michigan, Mackinaw City to be exact, with my mom and three of my brothers.  We are all fascinated by the Night Sky, particularly the Northern Michigan Night Sky.  We are also fortunate to be vacationing near one of the few internationally certified “Dark Sky Parks” located in The Headlands – an Emmet County Park.

Despite the Full Moon last night, we drove out to The Headlands after midnight, hiked down the trail to the lake with our flashlights, sat down on the benches, and star-gazed.  It was a crystal clear night and the stars did indeed sparkle in the sky like diamonds.

Of course, I took my camera and tripod to ‘shoot the stars”.  We were out there for nearly an hour and I shot almost a 100 photos, before I pointed the lens at The Big Dipper and clicked the shutter which was on a 2-second time delay.  Once the photo was captured, I took a quick peek at the viewfinder and couldn’t believe my eyes.  I captured an image in the sky that went unseen by the naked eye.

This is an unedited, completely raw photo, shot with a Canon EOS 60D, 50mm lens, manual focus, 400 ISO, 1.8 F-stop, 10″ shutter speed (TV priority) on a 2-second time delay.

We aren’t sure if it is a streaking meteorite or a satellite, but whatever it is, it made an awesome addition to a standard photo and gave me what could perhaps be “My One in a Million – Shot of a Lifetime”.

What do you think?

  1. Yvonne permalink

    Wow! You are so talented Linda. You never miss an opportunity! Good job!

  2. Shelli Burrell permalink

    Wow Linda! The Lord has blessed you with this photo! Really awesome!

  3. Amazing shot! Any photographer’s dream.

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