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Photo-of-the-Day / 2012-04-18 / An Apple A Day

April 19, 2012


Here is yesterday’s photo-of-the-day. My apologies for being late. I’ve been “burning the candle at both ends” and it finally caught up to me last night and I went to bed early.

This is one off my all time favorites, and I should probably have waited until fall to post it, but since I’m feeling the need to lead a healthier lifestyle, such as “eating an apple a day to help keep the doctor away”, I decided it was appropriate.

The photo was taken in September 2009 in Northern Michigan. I was on a scenic drive somewhere between Manistee and Traverse City with some of our cousins visiting from Denmark. They were became excited when we drove past an apple orchard.  I immediately pulled over so they could take their requisite souvenir photos. Of course, I had my camera and took a few shots, too. This is the original photo, no edits have been applied. 

Does this make you want to eat an apple a day, too!

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