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Photo-of-the-Day / 2012-04-12 / Observing Griffith Observatory

April 12, 2012



Did you know there is more than just the infamous HOLLYWOOD sign sitting atop Mount Hollywood?



In fact, the HOLLYWOOD sign is somewhat dwarfed by its mountaintop mate, one of the most famous and visited landmarks in Los Angeles — Griffith Observatory. 


This nighttime photo of Griffith Observatory was captured during a trip to Southern California in November 2009.



The photo of the Hollywood sign above was actually taken from the sidewalk leading up to the Griffith Observatory during a subsequent trip to Southern California in November 2010. 

Visiting the observatory was a major highlight of both trips. I will most definitely visit this cultural and scientific icon again in the future. The panoramic views of the L.A. basin, the breathtaking sunsets off the Pacific Coast, and the incredible stargazing opportunities call to me like a “siren from the deep”.  

The two photos below showcase the contrasting views between day and night.

The four photos that I am showcasing in today’s “photo-of-the-day” are my absolute favorites of this beautiful cultural and scientific icon.

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