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Photo-of-the-Day / 2012-04-07 / Mackinac Island: My Heaven on Earth

April 7, 2012

Today’s photo-of-the-day is not one, but two photos, showcasing the contrast of night vs. day on Mackinac Island (Michigan).  

Both photos were taken from the Island’s East Bluff, located high above the downtown and harbor, looking south across Lake Huron toward Mackinaw City.  The late evening sunset photo was taken in September 2008 while I was on a carriage ride that I had arranged for attendees of a work-related national conference held on the Island.  The cloudy early evening  photo was taken in August 2009 while I was on a walk with my husband during a long weekend stay on the Island to celebrate our birthdays.

Mackinac Island is located in the northern portion of Lake Huron at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac.  This small, 3.8 square mile island, is considered by many to be the “Crown Jewel of Michigan”.  I personally consider Mackinac Island to be my little bit of “Heaven on Earth”.

The Island has a rich Native American history which is retold through many legends and myths.  Its strategic location was significant to the growth of fur trading on the Great Lakes and it became an important military encampment when Fort Mackinac was built during the American Revolutionary War.  The Island has a unique glacier-formed geography including an abundance of limestone formations such as Arch Rock, resulting in breathtaking natural beauty.  Beautiful Victorian architecture is on display throughout the Island, including Grand Hotel and the many summer “cottages” guarding the East and West Bluffs.  When you combine all of that with the fact that there is an Island-wide ban on motor vehicles, a reliance on horses and bicycles for transportation, and that travel to the Island is by boat or plane, you have a place that is timeless and precious.   

I’ve traveled throughout the United States, to Hawaii, Alaska, and other parts of the world; and I have yet to come across another place that offers me the peace and tranquility that I find during every visit to Mackinac Island.  For me, this defines the meaning of “Heaven on Earth”.

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