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Photo of the Day / 2012-03-20

March 20, 2012

Detroit!  Detroit!  Motor City Capital of the World!  Hockeytown! Motown!

I’ve lived in the western suburbs of Detroit all my life.  Actually, I take that back.  I lived my first 3 months IN the City of Detroit.  So I guess one could argue that Detroit is my hometown!

Despite all of the negative publicity, Detroit still has a lot to offer. 

Although I have gone into the city many times throughout my life, both for work and for play, one summer day, in August 2009, I took myself, my parents, and a few other family members on what I fondly refer to as “My Detroit Daycation”.  We spent that day as tourists in our very own hometown and we had SO MUCH FUN!   

We started our “daycation” with a guided tour of The GM Building, located right in the heart of downtown on the Detroit River at Woodward and Jefferson. It may be called The GM Building, be we Michiganders still refer to it as The Renaissance Center, RenCen for short!  The tour included a glass elevator ride to the top of the RenCen for an absolutely breathtaking 360 degree view of pretty much all of Southeast Michigan and a good part of Southern Ontario (Canada)!

We then boarded one of Diamond Jack’s River Tour boats for a two-hour narrated cruise on the Detroit River.  I believe this tourist attraction is one of Detroit’s BEST KEPT SECRETS which needs to be let out of the bag!  The scenery was stunning and the historical anecdotes were both informative and amusing.  We had a fabulous time.

And that my friends, brings us to my absolute favorite  photo from that day.  It was taken while aboard the Diamond Belle and showcases The Ambassador Bridge, linking the USA to Canada, in the foreground, and the City of Detroit Skyline in the background, including the RenCen at the far right.  

I invite you to consider taking your own hometown daycation.  It is amazing what you will discover being a tourist for a day!

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