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Starting to Capture Memories

March 2, 2012

Each day, each hour working in WordPress is a real learning experience.  Trial and error, as the old saying goes.  I have uploaded photos into my first Gallery called My “Model” Experiment.  Quite honestly, I am winging it, but I guess that is half the fun.  I’m not sure if I have placed it on the blog appropriately, but it is there – for better or worse! 

Anyway, a family friend, who is an aspiring hair and make-up artist, asked me to photograph her “models” for a school project.  This was my first opportunity to photograph strangers for a purpose.  Although it was a chilly day in downtown Plymouth (Michigan), I managed to capture the essence of her vision.  We were both quite happy with the results.  Below is a sneak peek. I hope you will take a look at my first gallery to see more images. Let me know what you think.

And so the journey is actually beginning!

  1. Bob T permalink

    Linda you are doing an awesome job!

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