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Beginning the Journey

March 1, 2012

This is the first of many steps I will be taking as I begin the

 journey toward my retirement career – my lifelong dream

of  becoming a professional photographer. This Blog will

allow me to record those steps and share my journey with

you. I hope you enjoy taking this walk with me!

  1. Cindy Borton permalink

    Of course I will! You take great pictures! You go girl!

  2. Carol Sorensen permalink

    Linda, You will do great, because its what you love 2 do>

  3. Yvonne & Todd Campbell permalink

    Linda~ Todd and I wish you the brightest and best during this new venture in Life…we are so proud of YOU! Let me just share and say that when you handed us the pic’s of Amanda and Tim’s wedding in an albumn, at the wedding reception of that wedding…and the tears came to my eyes…we will never forget how special you made us feel! How you made us feel with your gift of photography was ever lasting!

    • Yvonne, thank you so much for your kind words and long distance support! You are special friends and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to share in that day and give you a lasting memory.

  4. Maureen Schwan permalink

    I loved reading the history on your love of photography. I have been fortunate to receive photos of my kids you have taken at different functions in the neighborhood and at school, which I’m really bad at remembering to do. I also loved the photos you took at my daughter’s wedding shower (Jen & Jake) and am so glad you are going to be taking the photos at their wedding. It will be so nice to have someone who is so organized and prepared, not to mention having a great eye for photography. I would know since I have seen many of your photos during our scrapbooking workshops.

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